Oasys Max

Oasys Max

Oasys Max

Oasys Max

Life demands more of our eyes

Today’s patients face increased screen time and exposure to multiple sources of blue-violet light. Increased digital device use causes less blinking which can lead to discomfort, and blue light scatters more resulting in blurry vision.

75% agree they want more from their contact lenses


New state-of-the-art manufacturing process7 that optimizes wetting agent distribution throughout the lens and on the surface, resulting in longer tear film stability and reduced evaporation.

OptiBlueLight Filter

60% blue-violet light filter, highest in the industry. Minimizes the effects of blue-violet light scatter on the eye to reduce halos\ and starbursts.

Pupil Optimized Design10 (For Multifocal)

Only ACUVUE® tailors 100% of its parameters to pupil size variations across both age and refraction

Same unique optical design across all ACUVUE® Multifocal contact lenses

92% of wearers successfully fit in the first pair on the first visit
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