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My Visit here for my low vision was great clean, friendly environment Shafi and Jonedy are so kind and professional Highly Recommend it there”​​​​​​​


These guys are awesome! Will be returning”​​​​​​​


Best eye store! The associates are knowledgable, friendly and I got my glasses made quickly. They were measured perfectly! I wouldn't buy glasses anywhere else.”​​​​​​​

Leslie P.

What an incredible store! A great selection of frames and amazing customer service. Shafi was so helpful and patient while I tried on countless glasses.”​​​​​​​


Great service! Amazing selections of high end frames. Amazing staffs. Highly recommended!”​​​​​​​

Sahar A.

We started using the Eye Man when our son's eye doctor recommended them, and they have been great. But last night, our son got off the school bus with broken-beyond-repair frames, and I called the Eye Man to see if there was any possible way to get him new glasses in time for school today, despite being stuck at my office until the Eye Man closed. Shafi was incredible - he sent pictures of the available frames, found my son's file with all the necessary measurements, and even delivered the finished glasses to our apartment, for no additional fee. I was really blown away by the responsive service, and enthusiastic problem solving. My son got on the bus today in his new glasses, and I couldn't be more appreciative!

Helen G.

What’s it worth to have people who know what they’re doing & who really care? While the Eyeman isn’t big all the people here sure have a big heart!! They take their time with you making sure you get what u really want and need. All their services are top notch including the small details like measuring lenses, making sure children’s glasses fit and you get the best shape, fit & color. And they’ll do it for everyone in ur family. No I don’t work there. It’s just they’ve been taking care of everyone in my family for nearly two decades. Go to the Eyeman for all ur eyewear needs and prepare to be delighted by their caring staff, like I was by Shafi and Jonedy! Terrific people and always fair-priced. Worth the trip”​

Scott E.

Had a beautiful nyc experience the other day. I accidentally bent up my eye glasses at work - and it was going to be a complete hassle to get across town to have them adjusted where I bought them - especially as I was running late to a dinner date. I happened to be walking by The Eye Man on 81st and Broadway so I figured I’d stop in to see it they might be willing to help me out. Being that they’re not my normal eye glass store, I was bracing myself for the typical liability driven speech that they can’t help me because I’m not a regular customer there, blah, blah, blah. Much to my surprise, however, one of the employees, a guy named Shafi, couldn’t have been nicer - byway of hooking me up in a matter of minutes with a perfectly adjusted set of glasses that even my dinner date friend complimented me on. Thinking maybe it’s time to switch back to the ‘little guy’ operation - for my eye glass needs.

Brian J.

Both of my classes were falling off my nose. Within 2 minutes, both glasses were tightened for free. I was very impressed with the friendly service I received.

David B.

Always love this place. Helpful, friendly service with a good selection of frames. Liked the optician who did an exam as well. She has a nice way with kids/teenagers and is very competent. A top notch neighborhood place that I'm grateful for.!

Elissa D.

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